Lancashire born and bred

Lancashire Sauce

A mildly spiced table sauce created over 100 years ago by Grandma Entwistle. Using the same original recipe passed down through the generations, Lancashire Sauce is today produced by hand in small batches using a combination of plant-based herbs and spices.

Vegan Friendly

3 Year Shelf Life

Fat Fee

Grandma’s Recipe

Grandma Entwistle’s Genuine and Original Recipe

The Legend

Grandma Mary Elizabeth Entwistle is believed to have created the then nameless concoction from a chip shop in Padiham. The recipe was taken on by son Kenneth and his wife Kathleen who made buckets of it and passed it around the family in bottles and containers a varying description!

Our Story

Shake it in & shake it on!

A Mildly Spiced Table Sauce

Lancashire Sauce is a mildly spiced table sauce which can be used before, during or after cooking and will enhance the flavour of any savoury dish. The plant based spices we use are blended into a vinegar base making it Vegan friendly and Fat Free!

The curious two-tone appearance happens because we have chosen to stick to Grandma’s original 100 year-old recipe and do not use emulsifiers. It comes with an ambient three years Best Before End from date of production and needs no refrigeration even after opening.

Therefore, it will settle on standing and always require a vigorous shake to awaken the spices and create the unique flavour and aroma.

So go on Shake it In & Shake it On…!

Allergens include Mustard, Gluten and Celery

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You can just shake it in and shake it on. Or take Lancashire Sauce to the next level with our tasty recipe ideas.


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