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Our Genuine and Original Recipe

Grandma Entwistle

Grandma Mary Elizabeth Entwistle is believed to have created the then nameless concoction from a chip shop in Padiham. The recipe was taken on by son Kenneth and his wife Kathleen who made buckets of it and passed it around the family in bottles and containers a varying description!

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A Family Affair

The Legend Goes On…

Ken and Kathleen’s son David found the sauce to be very popular amongst colleagues in staff canteens where he worked as a mechanic, foreman and eventually company director. In 2001 David embarked on a complete career change and along with wife Sarah opened Entwistle’s deli in Ramsbottom.

After finding their feet and juggling three young children they decided to bring the sauce to the attention of customers. But first, it needed an official name. After teatime talks with children Sam, James and Jasmine, Lancashire Sauce was decided on! All three children would go on to be involved in production in some way. Initially the sauce was met with some curiosity, not helped by a dubious homemade label! However interest grew, branding improved and repeat sales followed resulting in inquiries from other retailers and distributors.


Lancashire Sauce Crisps

An out-of-the-blue call from a Rufford potato farmer saw the beginnings of an exciting venture. John Fiddler was in the process of setting up a crisp-making business on his farm and had identified Lancashire Sauce as a potential flavour. After a visit to the farm and a few friendly handshakes a collaboration was born.

A New Era

Moving On

In November 2021 the couple decided to call time on the deli after a long and happy 20 years in order to concentrate solely on their passion, Lancashire Sauce. They moved production from the shop to a small unit near Accrington where the sauce is still made by hand in small batches to Grandma’s original recipe. We’re sure she would be very proud.